Iloilo: The Rise Of A Transformed City

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Sleep Paralysis

I know most of you had experienced this especially when you are so tired or so full before sleeping. It’s scary, right?

You tend to fall asleep like as if somebody is dragging you down to your nightmare. You can’t help it even how hard you fight that feeling. Still, you’ll end up falling asleep feeling like somebody is try to choke you until you have not enough oxygen in you body.

You are fighting for your life as if it is a real battle and you tough you are victorious. Then, you’ll end up realizing that you are still there lying on the same bed, unable to move and you though you are moving and the sad truth is you’re not.

I always experiencing that before in my room. I never slept alone before because I shared my room with my two cousins until they moved out after having there own family. Three years ago, I always sleep alone in my room. I always felt strange having a bad dream and sleep paralysis 2-3 times in one night. Scary right?! I always end up not sleeping at night sometimes.

Until I learned this spiritual method to escape from this misery. The prayer and fasting. Since that day. I always sleep peacefully. No bad dreams, no nightmares. Even when I invite my friend to sleep there or letting my visitors borrow my room for a night. They always saying that they love sleeping in my room. It was so peaceful and good aura surrounding it.

There are times that I saw it in that nightmare who’s trying to kill me. A hollow smoke like a demon man having may holding my blanket and putting it on my neck. He is trying to kill me and I am fight for my life then. The second time I saw someone in my sleep paralysis was a different figure like a ghost or a smoke colored ghost like human form without face. He is trying to drag me out of my bed and push me out on my glass window. Luckily, I shouted a prayer in my mind so I woke up gasping and never sleep that night. The third time was a week ago. A small hand is covering my nose and mouth. He is trying to stop my breathing but I am calm this time, praying in my mind. Then, I realized that hand is moving like he is coming in front of me. I saw a child head laughing at me. That small hand is the hand of the child, he is choking me. I am scared that time. I don’t even want to see his face so I close my eyes and shouted the name of Jesus. After that I realized I was awake.

I realized how important prayer is. It is powerful that can change everything in your life. Now, I am working in  different country and after experiencing another sleep paralysis here, I pray over the room where I saw that child and now, I am sleeping peacefully again.

Prayer will protect you. Even if you are awake or asleep. Never live without it.


Jesus is a Businessman

If any of you lack wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and nit will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and do not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

James 1:5-8

Matthew 16:19

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; what you prohibit on earth will be prohibited heaven, and what you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.

This verse was related in transacting a business. It should be legal. When we say legal, it has complete documents and permit, no foolish transaction. If you are being ignorant from what is legal or permitted for a business, you  can not transact a business. Doing a business should have a proper understanding about the business world. You must learn the basics, how it would work, the type of the market and people that you want to target. Starting all of this is not an easy task, we need a guidance from the expert.

God is also a businessman in his own business firm. He know well his business. He has a perfect plan for everything, He also negotiating from different person, He has the best product in the world, His creation was incomparable and no one could bet His income. Nobody can be rich as He is. He works with gentleness and loved of everything. He knows how to repair the damages. This is what the real business do.

So, if you are planning to do a business. It is good to have a business mentor that can give you understanding and wisdom. That businessman is no other than, God.

If money control you, money is your God. You will be a slave of money, you will work a tiresome job day and night for money. You will become stressful and problematic. Jesus said, “you can not serve two God”. Be the servant of God and money will be your slave. It will work for you without hardship. Money is a wonderful servant but a very cruel master.


  1. We should be authorized

We are authorized because we are the children of God. We can be His children if we have a relationship to Him.

  1. Seal of Transaction

The blood of Christ is powerful. It is the life of Jesus himself. Your business will be honored because in the name of Jesus.

If the business is not according to the will and word of God, He will not grant it.

PSALM 58:18-19 (The Benefits)

  1. Your Transaction would be based in the Word of God

a. He wants us to know everything inorder to transact properly.

b. In business code and conduct, we need FAVOR everyday.

4.  Transact Business According or In Line to the Word of God.


  1. Verbal Agreement
  2. Covenant Oath
  3. Prayer
  1. Verbal Agreement

For 400 years, God become silent. In the absence of God’s voice and direction, people who have faith and believe in Almighty continue to heal the sick. They do laying of hands to the sick and declare the healing of the person’s sickness.

In Jesus time, He didn’t pray for the sick but He just declare.

Declaration is different in prayer.

Declaration of success in a business is being positive and believing that your faith in God will give you the achievement that you desire. Declare it and God will give it. Like what He said in Jeremaih 29:11

  1. Covenant Oath

Psalm 138:2 says, “God will honor you if you honor your word. You must be a man with a word of honor. You must be true to your word because word without and action is nothing. It will be remained a word. It is you who will be destroy if you destroy your word. You will lose trust and loyalty of a person who believe in you or in your business. Your name will be destroyed if you destroy your words.

  1. Prayer

James 1:5-6 saying about praying with faith.

The atmosphere of faith is seeing beyond the horizon. Without faith, you could not please God. The proof of transaction is by faith. God honor the people with faith. The universe was created because of faith.

Hebrew 11 (Faith)

We must believe that God exist. Transact by Faith. Believe to the impossible because nothing is impossible with God.


He(man) who will find what is good(woman)

It was always in my mind about the bible verse related to the TITLE.
Proverbs 18 22
PROVERBS 18:22—— “He who finds a wife finds what is good.”

It is just saying that the MAN who will find a WOMAN to be his wife.

So, if you are a girl and if you are single. Relax and do not hurry to find someone new. Prepare yourself because someone is looking for you. While waiting keep on improving your career, take delight in your life and enjoy. Cherish every moment and use your single life making good deeds. Allow God to use you to help others. While you are busy in your life’s enjoyment, he is just there, somewhere near or in a distance to watch over you.

Your laugh stimulate his lips to smile, the work of your hands makes him want to hug you with love, your goodness made his heart to beat faster. While you are growing maturely, he knew that you are ready to meet him. Then as you grow spiritually, the eyes who keep on watching in a distance begin to realize what he found. Until he will finally utter in silence the words, “I found her.”


Juvenile Delinquency-7-2-8

God is good because He is great… ❤

My friend MARINEL GOTERA, our mentor will celebrate her birthday on MAY 18, 2013.               If you ever wonder why I am calling for you attention, I am here to ask a favor for your dearly heart as a Christian giver.

Marinel is planning to make her celebration an extra different for making it celebrate with JUVENILE DELIQUENTS somewhere in Iloilo City, Philippines. She is planning to give Toiletress, Guitars, Beatboxes and etc. She is asking if there are more people who have a heart for JUVENILE DELIQUENTS you can help and give in what ever ways you can.

Feel free to comment/contact me for donations. Thank You so much!

I’m so excited for this project, it will feed a lots of souls in a day. Thank God for this oppurtunity.


“Me, Myself and God!”

Word For Life Says . . .

Many of us are familiar with the story of Joseph.  We have the main points in his life down pat: his coat of many colors, his dreams and his interpretation of others dreams.  We know of him being sold into slavery by his own brothers, his life in Egypt, the accusations of Potiphar’s wife and his imprisonment.  But how closely do we pay attention to his actual relationship with God?  Do we focus more on “From the Pit to the Palace,” side of things than on his integrity before God?

In his story, Joseph appears to start out as young man who is a bit boastful and can’t wait to tell every listening ear his dream.  (I’m not saying he was boastful, just that it appears so).  His dreams became so that they incurred the hatred of his brothers.  This hatred would boil up within them until it filled them with…

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Your healing is right around the corner!



 As you know, I am an absolute true believer that God can HEAL us (not relieve us for the moment) but actually HEAL us through prayer, diet and essential oils. I’m not talking just the sniffles or some toe fungus. I’m talking slipped discs, arthritis, diabetes, cancer. Yes, I said CANCER! Did you know, essential oils are the life blood of plants, breathed by God? They are intelligent and have every ability to HEAL! You can be healed of the issues you are dealing with, I promise you. And I wouldn’t just say that if I didn’t believe it whole heartedly. Those are very strong words and you’re probably thinking… “Sure, you have an oil that can heal my fibromyalgia?… the doctor’s say there is no cure!!! Whatever.” But I am telling you, God wants you HEALED and you CAN be, through prayer and therapeutic-grade essential oils!

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Jesus said, “For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible. -Mat 19:26